Spoken English for Advanced Pronunciations

It includes a range of subjects to help you communicate effectively in the workplace.

The English for Advanced programme teaches essential English language skills to help you communicate effectively in a range of business contexts. Our overall aim is to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, vocabulary and grammar within the context of British and International business.

Open doors to new career possibilities and improve your job prospects.

Listen * Practise * Speak

Invest in your future by enrolling to a Speak-e course. The courses are designed in providing you with a unique learning experience and enabling you to maximize your learning skills.

The course comprising of Part-1, Pronunciation of words and phrases consonant cluster, stress words and fluent speech. Part-2, stressed and unstressed syllables intonation in managing conversation the learner practices and dialogues and pronunciation in use.

Topics covered include:

  • 60 Units : Explanation and example of key pronunciation and points are presented in a range of exercises.
  • Audio and video components : All exercises are recorded and you can see and hear your self. Recording will be provided.
  • Clear model for repetition : A single British accent is used a s a model for learner to listen to and repeat.
  • Exposure to different accents : Learners are given the opportunity to listen to a range of different English accents and learn about their similarities and differences.
Please check next available date and location will be posted.
Coffee and lunch will be provided.

Duration of the course

    5 days of tutorials and 40 hours of home study.

  • Part-1 – 30 units consisting of 5 sessions per day learner will be provided with detailed notes on each session.
  • Part-2 30 Units consisting of 5 sessions per day the learner will be provided with detailed notes on each session.
  • The learner MUST practice 2 hours practice at home per day over 20 days total 40hours using the Mini/touch or a tablet.