CV (Resumes) Interviews

Improve your interview technique and increase your chances of being the successful candidate.

Our interview Techniques are designed to help you enhance your interview skills. This service contains interview advice, including interview techniques, interview questions that interviewers may ask you, question you may want to ask the interviewer, general interview guidance, panel interview and group interview tests.

The aim of all our lessons is to enable you to communicate fluently, confidently and effectively in the English Language.

Listen * Practise * Speak

Invest in your future by enrolling to a Speak-e course. The courses are designed in providing you with a unique learning experience and enabling you to maximize your learning skills.

The course comprising of Part-1 CV Resume and Part 2 Interviews. The course covers all aspects of a CV Resume and the learner at the end will have produces there own CV Resume to use. Good preparation and planning for techniques for interviews along with video.

Topics covered include :

  • When should a CV be used the information to include and knowing what is required and what to omit. What makes a good CV and how long should a CV be. Tips on presentation, fonts, different types of CV’s.
  • Targeting your CV if it’s to be emailed. Example CV’s and covering letters.
  • Common questions about CVs and advice on presentation and how to handle questions.
  • What questions can you ask the interviewer.
  • Preparation for the interview covering all types of interviews.
  • Will help you be prepared for the interview by using examples and hypothetical questions that you may be asked.
  • Role play exercises with video components you can see and hear your self. Regoding will be provided.
Please check next available date and location will be posted.
Coffee and lunch will be provided.

Duration of the Course

    2 days of tutorials and 8 hours of home study

  • Part 1 – CV Resume consisting of 5 sessions the learner will be provided with detail notes.
  • Part 2 – Interview consisting of 5 sessions the learner will be provided with detailed notes.