Skype Speak Courses

We Will Help You Speak Better!

We will not give up on you! A Samuel Beckett quote for you: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better".

With Interactions Language Academy Online classes, you will get better with every lesson you take. With your tutor's help you will better your pronunciation and English usage, improve your fluency by practicing with the tutor, and gain complete competence and confidence in better communication

Our lessons are of a very high quality and use a variety of resources that will help you improve your English. The lessons may also be delivered by using Skype.

During your Skype English lessons you and your English teacher can also exchange instant messages to confirm the spelling of new words, to work on grammar exercises and instantly correct any errors in pronunciation.

Speak-e have many different courses and we are confident that you will find a course that suits you. All of our one-to-one lessons are flexible and specific to you, and your learning needs.

Our Skype conversation classes are held via the communicative approach. One of the most popular choices among our students are lessons built on the discussion of various topics. It may be, for example, journal articles on a subject that interests you, educational texts, or even a sample exam question.

Together with a teacher, you can act out the conversation you might face in an interview, business meeting, exam, or any real life situation. Finally, you can simply chat with the teacher in English on everyday topics, thereby casually breaking the language barrier. The objective of the teacher is to help you to communicate fluently in English. They will ask you questions and correct mistakes, and provide an analysis which is usually carried out in the final part of FEES

Skype classes are 1 on 1 with Native English Speakers. Each class is tailored to fit your specific needs 30, 45 or 60 minute class times. Rs 30 (Thirty rupees only) per minute.