English Club

Speak-e ‘Ahmedabad English Club’ (AEC) will provide an opportunity for ex students and general public to register and become members from February 2014. The aim of the club will be have like minded people to have get together and meet socially at different venues.

Members will only be able to speak in English and have discussions on current social life styles and international events, full details of the membership will be made available on our Speak-e blog.

At speak-e we are aware people do not speak or write as clearly, concisely or coherently as they could do-which results in that messages are often muddled or do not get through at all so more you interact with people who wish to speak English and communicate with you the better you will become

No matter how good you think you are at communicating there is always room for improvement. When you invest time and effort on refining this essential skill you will achieve your goals more easily, be better equipped to influence your boss, colleagues and customers, and those in sales or sales support roles will build better relationships and win more business.

Communication is best achieved through simple planning and control; we will teach you the approaches which might help you to do this

Most conversations tend to drift along, which is wasteful; we should seek effective communication rather than chatter. To ensure an efficient and effective conversation, you must make your message understood, must be able to understand the intended message sent to you and you should exert some control over the flow of the communication process.

Communication Skills will help you to express yourself more effectively, have more influence with your colleagues and appear more confident in front of others.