Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Speak-e is here to provide individuals with a better understanding of the English Language and pronunciation correctly. All our tutors are native English speakers from English speaking countries (mainly UK) Tutors are carefully screened for teaching qualifications as well as teaching experience.
A: To improve your English or your exam grade the tutor will first do a "needs analysis" to measure your level and find out what you want to achieve with your English studies. Courses are planned to fit your learning needs and wants. The lessons can include any part of English you need, help with writing, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation etc and most importantly - speaking. Feedback and correction are a vital part of learning and your tutor will give you written and spoken feedback throughout the lesson.
A: No, you don't. You can be a beginner who needs to be introduced to the vocabulary, grammar and sounds of English for the first time.  At the same time, we can also teach to advanced levels at a later stage.
A: Yes, of course! We enrol new students every day.
A: Each course will start at 9.00am and the a 10min morning coffee break, 30 minutes for lunch break and 10 minute afternoon break.
A: That is not a problem at all. We can provide you with a well-balanced and well-structured course in all areas of English learning. As and when needed we adapt and change the methods and structure to meet your needs
A: You pay by cash or cheque made payable to Speak-e in to our bank account details will be sent to you from our sales team. Or you may pay by credit or debit card at our office, there will be 2.5% charge you will be given a receipt for your payment.
A: Currently all of our tutors are from England. They are all native speakers. English is their first language.  They all speak clear international English without strong regional accents. They are experienced in teaching English as a second language.
A: Batches will be no more then 30 It’s the best way to learn and improve English. There is no substitute for direct, personal communication between a teacher and a student. However, we understand that some students prefer to study in a small group if only to share the cost. We offer larger group classes to companies, schools; Internet based organisations and other teaching services. In such cases our cost is agreed in advance.
A: The student will be given exercises to complete at home and to use the ipad to practice and record speech.
A: Yes, it is better to have only one tutor who knows your language needs and English level. However, if some reason you prefer changing, we will assign another teacher to you.
A: Yes, you will receive the certificate upon successful completion of you course.
A: Our goal is to get the students to actively engage in meaningful tasks and help them speak and learn English as much as possible. Before and after each lesson, our teachers will use suitable methods and strategies based on the student's requirements and needs. We have developed an adaptive training system which perfectly caters for each student independently. Tutors may use a variety of methods such as role-playing, quizzes, questions and answer, real writing tasks (letter/email, report, memo), structured (job interview) and casual conversations (everyday life) and more. To create a meaningful context for speaking practice in English, we also use following techniques; discussions, guessing, and remembering. 
A: Becoming fluent in any foreign language is not a quick or easy process. It will take some time and it is different for everyone as well. During your course we will make sure that your study techniques and materials are allowing you to make maximum progress, and at every lesson relevant feedback will be provided on how to continue to improve your English even in the context of your busy work and family life.
A: Most students prefer the conversation lessons because improving speaking and listening skills is such a high priority for them. However, students taking the writing lessons have found that writing practice -with expert feedback from teachers- is an excellent way to improve all aspects of your English in ways that will carry over to your speaking as well as your writing ability. You can also combine both options by taking conversation lessons but also sending your teacher examples of your writing which the teacher can correct during your courses.
A: Your lesson time is reserved for you. If you need to cancel a lesson, you must give a minimum of 5 days notice in advance. You can arrange a make-up class or the next course or nominate a person to take you place. Courses not cancelled within 5 days notice will not be made-up, and you will be charged for the lesson. Of course, we understand that sometimes there may be an emergency situation and you will be unable to give advance notice. In that case, please be sure to make contact as soon as you are able. In the event of an emergency, a make-up class may be offered at the instructor’s discretion. We must stress no refund will be given.
A: Depending on the program or courses which you have referred friend(s) for and once they register for that course, you will be entitled for a discount of your next course. Please contact us for the details.
A: Make sure that your microphone and video are connected. Please login in to your Skype account 10 minutes before your courses and stay online until your teacher will contact you.
A: It takes some time to develop fluency in speaking. You will need to break it down into smaller achievable steps. Our lessons are task-based and cover speaking in many situations. You will be able to practise these situations with your ipad.  However, that’s not all. Remember, that our courses are just one resource available to you to improve your skills. Your tutor will help you develop a learning plan that will include other ways of how you can work on your desired skill.
A: You will have to pay for the full repair cost or the cost of a replacement.
A: You will have to pay for the cost of a replacement.

Speak-e Courses For All

We are here to teach you what you need to learn to speak more clearly and confidently. The aim of all our lessons is to enable you to communicate fluently, confidently and effectively in the English Pronunciation in use.


It includes a range of subjects to help you communicate effectively in the workplace.

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Regular English Lessons focuses on learning what to say and how to say things in your daily conversation without sounding unnatural.

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It includes a range of subjects to help you communicate effectively in the workplace.

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Improve your interview technique and increase your chances of being the successful candidate.

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We will help you to express yourself more effectively, have more influence with your colleagues and appear more confident in from of others.

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