Our Aim

The best way to improve your English is through speaking. When taking English courses with us you will feel relaxed, confident and motivated to learn. Our tutors are trained to put your English on the right path, working with you to improve your grammar, pronunciation, and general English. Regardless of your level, we’ll make sure that you’re speaking with confidence and making the improvements necessary to move onto the next level.

To help you communicate properly you will definitely need vocabulary but vocabulary alone is not enough for fluency. Look at your daily conversation and social interactions; are they all about the complex words and lengthy sentences? What about word stress, intonation, pitch and the way you pronounce the words? Can a native speaker of English understand you easily, without you repeating yourselves several times. Interactions Language Academy help individuals everyday to overcome these issues. Over the years you have studied English, you have had the best books, dictionaries, teachers and probably memorised several English grammar books! Are you still struggling to speak fluently, hesitating a lot and running out of phone credit for a short international phone call.

Actually, it is as easy as 1,2,3. What you need is Listen, Practice and Speak. All you need is attend our Speak-e Beginners course and use the ipad modules we look forward to receiving you registration.