We'r Better

At Speak-e we provide you with a new innovate method of listening to the pre recorded modules on an ipad and the to practise them by recording them by speaking and then review your own recording. The English language and exercises used are very simple so that easily understand the information delivered.

We help you work on reducing areas of their pronunciation that affect comprehensibility, that is, areas of their accents that make it difficult for native speakers to understand them. With this goal in mind, we are able to identify which specific areas of pronunciation give student the most trouble. We will give you constant feedback on exactly where your pronunciation differs from the recodings how to modify your speech into Received Pronunciation (RP) -the standard accent often spoken.

To enable you to speak real natural English, the Pronunciation Lessons section also covers word stress, pitch, intonation and joining in phrase and sentence level with a special emphasis on contractions for daily informal conversations.

You are not expected to know all these linguistic terminologies which is why our tutors will help you learn the correct pronunciation by practicing with you on one-to-one basis with specially designed materials.